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Live Oak Campground
March 23-25, 2018

What are are we doing, you might ask? Well, let’s fill you in! Here on our website you’ll find a Rules and Regulations/Frequently Asked Questions section, a site map and a link to ticketing information. But those focus on the logistics of where to go when, campground restrictions and how to pay –

what is the event actually all about?

Below you will see our guiding principles of both the Stoke-Out Gathering and of Stoke the World more generally. How we want to interact as a community; how to teach and learn and play together.  How to build new connections and strengthen old ones. And even ways to think about the event and how it might set us up to go out and stoke more people more broadly.

Think of this as a 20% bigger camp-out, not a 20% smaller festival. There will be some art, some music, some workshops. How much of each of those you ask, and in what proportions? That in large part depends on what YOU bring, what everyone else brings, and what type of space we create together for a few days in a great location in the woods with friends both old and new. Like a lot of other things in life, if we don’t do it, then who will?   🙂



$60 adults
$40 children 4-12
Children 3 and under are free

Site Map

Empower others.

The Stoke-Out Gathering is rooted in community participation. We encourage all who attend to share their unique skills, talents, and knowledge, helping us all to grow and learn together.


Think big. Make a positive and lasting impact.

From our commitment to Leave No Trace at our Stoke-Out campsite, to our group discussions and learning sessions, we encourage everyone to consider how we can have a positive impact with each other and our larger communities.


Act with empathy, integrity, and passion.

Be open minded. Act with empathy, integrity, and passion. Ask hard questions and challenge ourselves.

We cannot learn what we already know. We encourage looking at ideas from new angles, listening to different points of view, and challenging preconceptions – in a safe, respectful way.


Sugarcoat everything – in fun.

Whether it’s cleaning up and leaving things better than we found them, or self-improvement and “adulting”, everything goes more smoothly with a healthy dose of fun.


Cultivate connection.

This is literally why we’re all here – to be with each other, and to strengthen the connections between us… for longtime friends in our community as well as the new friends we haven’t met yet!

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write to info@stoketheworld.org